April 9, 2011

1 more week. . .

This afternoon after work, I realized that I only have 8 days until my last day of work. Eight days, seven working days. Things are starting to calm down a little as we near the end of tax season, and I am starting to feel the excitement of the unknown of staying home full time.

I started mentally looking around and thinking about what needs to be done, a schedule to keep the house clean and laundry in drawers.  Do I work on laundry everyday?  Do I have a marathon laundry day?  Do I clean the main floor one day, and the upstairs another?  Or do I group it by chore, and focus on one or two chores a day?  I'm just not sure what's going to best work for me.  I think to start anyway, I'm going to try the a-little-each-day approach to the laundry and housework.  In theory, if we miss a day a home because of a planned (out of ordinary) outing, then I can (again theoretically) add a little to the other days of the week and still not feel behind.  Adding in small projects each week, to spruce the house up a bit.

The only thing I do know for sure, Monday's.  No laundry.  No cleaning.  You see, it's Chad's day off - so it's my day to do my coupon clipping, meal planning, grocery listing, and grocery shopping.

What works best for you?  Why?

What tips can you give me, as I start this adventure?


  1. So I don't have the Mom perspective, but when I was home more, I loved following Fly Lady's emails and doing chores that way. If you haven't heard of her, check out www.flylady.net

    Also, welcome to the blog world! :) Is this your first one?

  2. not really. . .just starting again. i have heard of her - and subscribed at one point, but i always felt behind!


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