April 11, 2011

Only 1 more Monday

Today was the start of my last full week.  Only one more Monday to go.  Was a bittersweet day though, I took two of my co-workers to meet clients they are going to take over in my absence.  I emailed another client that I was leaving.  And me and the partner tell the last of my "during the year" clients tomorrow.  So far, I've gotten the same reaction from everyone. . ."We sure are happy for you, but we sure are going to miss you".  True or fluff, it makes me feel good.  Like I've made a difference, in the accounting and financial records anyway.  Telling my clients has been the hardest part of all this.

Last Thursday at Family Night, Madison's teacher told me that Madison comes into school every morning and tells her how excited she is that I'm staying home, and how much longer I have to work.  If ever I had a doubt about making the right decision, it was gone in that moment.

It was a successful weekend, I put together a tentative weekly schedule.  Tonight, I'm going to work on a time blocked daily schedule.  We're going to hit the ground running!!  I'm afraid that the first week is going to cramp our style though. . .I still have work on Monday, field trip Wednesday, and the Madison is off school Friday.  So, Tuesday, I've got to do all the things that I've been putting on the back burner. . .Noah a hair cut, much needed oil change, a trip to the grocery store.

I did find a mom group.  It's apparently very selective, and it may be totally out of my league.  But I'm going to try it out.  First meet-up is next Friday, a park stroller walk and play-date after.  Should be interesting if nothing else!  If all else fails, we will be hitting up the library once a week for story time.  We shall see.

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  1. Well my advice is to take it slow and have fun. For us...schedules dont work and just get me upset when I dont meet goals and time frames. I so a schedule for the next day the night before every night based on what I know needs done and things and places we can go. We did the mom groups loved it. It was at a Baptist church called MOPS. This is an international group, but as aubrey has got older it has been harder to go. Plus I like the kids with me not in daycare while I am in a "meeting". I know you will love this. Don't make it a job, we have plenty of time to go back to work and get all the laundry done that needs done. Let me know if you ever want to join me.


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