May 9, 2011

Monday, May 9

What a great Mother's Day (Weekend!!)!

I really have zero knowledge of what me and the kids did Saturday during the day.  I did a couple loads of laundry, since I got behind on that during the week.  I think I still have a load in the dryer. . .breaking my own rules.

Saturday night we met my parents and grandparents for Red Lobster, and after nixing the two hour wait, we jumped ship and decided on Outback's 20 minute wait.  Yummy steak and shrimp for Momma!  Then had my first dose of Aglamesis Bros. ice cream.  Pretty great!

Chad cooked us tacos Sunday for lunch and grilled us turkey burgers for dinner.  Us girls beat the socks off the boys in Mille Borne, well, we won anyway!  Was great visiting with the cutest couple around!

Since I did my grocery shopping on Friday last week, I didn't have to get that done today.  And I think I'm moving grocery day to Friday from now on - Monday has too many people, workers trying to change the tags for the new sale items, workers stocking the new sale items. . .I don't like dodging those huge rolly things.    Now I have to rethink my whole schedule. . .SIGH!

But today, Noah and I left Chad at home (to do some work) for the morning, and went to our first (kinda) playgroup.  I'm just not sure I'm cut out for it - AND more importantly, there were no kids Noah's close to Noah's age.  He played my himself for the bulk of the time.  So, why would I drive 15 minutes to a park if he's gonna play by himself and we could walk (literally) 15 steps to a park.

Tonight, I started back on my walking. . .I'd like to say "see-ya" to at least 15 pounds.  I was SUPER impressed in the battery on my iPhone with the iPod running the (don't laugh) whole mile (15 minutes).  BUT, I was down to 33% left, figuring the iPod would really drain it, but when I stopped, I still had 31%.  My goal: work up to 4 miles in the mornings and 4 miles in the evenings.  Until Madison is out of school, I probably won't have enough time to get more than 2 miles in before Chad needs to start getting ready for work.  Can I do it??!  I'm going to set up a playlist for my walks, so I know I'm done, rather than keeping track of how many laps around the park.  Any ideas on upbeat walking music?

Tomorrow, I'm making a trip to Lowe's for flowers and some paint for the front and back doors.  My goal: prime both doors, plant flowers, take down Master Bath shower doors, load of laundry, get winter boxes together for Chad to take to the basement, go to bed at 9pm(right)!

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