May 2, 2011

Grouchy much?!

Apparently today I was a little grouchy?! Didn't do much today after the busy tiring weekend. Sure don't bounce back as well as I did 10 years ago. We did go to the grocery today and forgot several things. Yes, Elizabeth we did get bread and eggs :). Oh well. Although, my ground turkey rang up wrong. Sooo I got 4 pounds of ground turkey, paid 3.69 per pound at the register, and after a talk and walk with the service desk, I got back 12.38. You do the math!! Made my day for awhile anyway. I probably will go back later in the week anyway with all my coupons for the $5 off 10 participating items sale. There were several things on sale that were not in the ad that we would use. I made brownies for the teachers at Madison's school for teacher appreciation week. Made a loaf of French bread that just finished in the bread maker. Sure does smell good!

The potty training isn't going well. But it's just what I expected. I put him in underwear a couple days last week. We had accidents, but not puddles. Like he didn't like the feeling, so he stopped himself. I would tell him pee pee goes in the potty and put him on the little potty and he'd keep saying that he couldn't do it and that he didn't want to be a big boy. We've offered all sorts of treats and surprises, he just says he doesn't want our whatever it is. Do I keep on going or do I take a break?

Have a great week!

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