May 11, 2011

Noah's Birthday. . .

The post title kind of makes me chuckle.  I ran across a blog tonight, Joel & Amy. While scrolling through, her DIY projects started me thinking about what we (uh-hummm, I) need to get done so we can have a huge 3 year old boy surprise!

For Noah's 3rd birthday, we are transforming his still baby room, into a big boy room.  We found one of those super boyish blue race car beds at our local Once Upon A Child for more than 50% off retail!  Its what I initially wanted to do, until I priced them at Toys R Us and WalMart.  For the same price, we could get a bed from IKEA at pretty much the same cost, that he would be able to use more than the next few years.  Except with the new solution, I was having trouble figuring out what we were going to unveil to him.  He is going to need to be overly excited, so not think again about his crib.  We've been mentioning in passing for the last few months, that it was about time to be a big boy - and he would have to sleep in a big boy bed.  He'd answer with, "nah, I just luv my cwib.  I don't neeeed to be a big boy".  His answers really haven't changed since the beginning.

The plan:
His birthday is on a Monday - we've already scheduled a separate extended family party Memorial Day weekend, while my in-laws are in town.  His birthday is the following Monday.  The kids will stay at my mom's Sunday night - Chad and I will work and work so we can go get them Monday (I'm shooting for shortly after lunch) and reveal total transition.  So, I'll need to have everything ready!

What we have:
1. The bed
2. Dresser - we are just using the one we got from IKEA before he was born
3. CARS (the movie) sheets
4. Red comforter

What he's getting for his birthday:
1. Toy Box
2. Cute little red table with a blue chair

What we need:
1. Red paint for under a border chair-rail
2. Light grey blue paint for above the chair-rail
3. Checkered flag border for chair rail - found some on Amazon, just haven't bitten the bullet yet and just bought it - just don't want to commit to 2 rolls if I don't have to.
4. Lamp - NO IDEAS!!
5. Fabric for valance (to be made by Nani) - looking for checkered flag, found an already made one on Amazon, but don't really want to shell out the $25!
6. Chalkboard paint for the table corner - gonna frame it in, gonna be cute (PS this is how I'm going to get away with one roll of border vs 2!)
7. Things for the walls - IDEAS??  I'd like something with his name.  Nothing too CARS (the movie) themed.
8. Pulls to change up the dresser

I'm really NOT creative (math minded), so I have trouble with the details - and definitely have trouble envisioning what something could be made into.  Any help is appreciated!

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