July 15, 2011

Friday Menu

This week the ideas are quick and easy.  We are looking forward to the meeting with Brother Billy D. this week.

Saturday: homemade pizza
Sunday: Potluck church dinner - Pierogi Lasagna, salad, Mississippi Mud Brownies
Monday: Spicy Honey Chicken, party potatoes, Bread Machine RollsMississippi Mud Brownies (yes! I'm making them again)
Tuesday: leftovers - we'll surely have some. ..
Wednesday: Baked Chicken Penne, sweet carrots, Bread Machine Rolls
Thursday: tacos with Taco Chicken

I'm also going to make Tuna Salad for me for a couple lunches (after I pick up an apple).  Seriously, this is a must try.  Until I found this recipe, I did not like tuna salad, and was not afraid to say it.

You can also check out a list of recipes I've started to tag at delicious.com/danielle.mckinney.  I add recipes often, so check back.

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