July 15, 2011

Wednesday Droppsies and Thursday Finds

On Wednesday, I had a horrible case of the drops. I was dropping everything. The two that stick out the most was the large Tupperware canister of flour that I dropped on the kitchen floor (5 minutes before it was time to leave for church) and my iPhone onto the concrete garage floor (shattered the back, Apple fixed it FREE).

On the way back from my Apple Genius appointment Thursday morning, we were making a pit stop at the library since we hadn't been in a week. We added a pit stop at Swatches, and I found these:

I <3 <3 <3 this one. I hope we can figure something out. It's a little heavier than what we originally planned to use.

This one is $60/yard. Can. You. Imagine? It's not that great.

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